xwax development

So, you're interested in contributing to xwax? Or maybe just interested to learn how it turns that noise from the vinyl into full vinyl control. Well, you've come to the right place. Welcome to the xwax developers' pages.

A brief introduction

I started xwax in 2006, and early versions were used by a small group of pro DJs. The project began to aim towards use in radio studios as part of a system where DJs could plug in a USB/firewire drive containing their set, and it was instantly available for use on the 'house' system — a permanent installation hard-wired in using professional audio interfaces.

In May 2007, which its original aims fulfilled, I decided to make it freely available on the 'net for others to use. After a great response to the binary release which included club, studio and radio use, the first open-source release of xwax soon followed in June.

Project focus and goals

The aim of xwax is to create a platform aimed at real DJ and turntablist use, where efficient, stable and fast are of prime importance. The releases aim to provide solid and reliable platform for users, and also for developers to test and experiment with innovative new ideas.

Getting started

Also, before you make a start on coding anything serious (or not so serious!) be sure to let the team know on the xwax-devel mailing list, even if you're just experimenting on something a bit wacky for your own use.

Happy coding!