Current projects

If you're interested in contributing back into the xwax project but unsure of where to start, then there are some current projects on the go.

Main ideas

MIDI and HID device control

The keyboard control is quite restrictive. It also prevents any useful implementation of features such as cue points. Mark is currently working on re-architecture of the core to support it, to allow controllers to be implemented easily

Record library

The record library interface is great if you know exactly what you're looking for. But for the DJ without the memory of Google, it can be difficult to just scan through and look for things. Support for additional fields would be useful, particularly things like BPM and key, and sorting by these fields. Some ideas and experimentation needed here, so new developers are encouraged to have a go!

Record library searching

Proper word indexing of library and listing to make word searches more efficient on large libraries (see library.c).

Specialised CD timecode

Mark has already posted an experimental hi-res CD timecode. This needs testing and could provide a basis for further experimentation.

Ideas for experiments

Some ideas that could be worked on:

And obviously if there's any more you can come up with, sign up to the xwax-devel mailing list and let us know.