Development source code

This website holds the main branches of development using the version control system Git. Git is most famous for its use to develop the Linux kernel. If it is unfamiliar to you, then this page presents a quick guide to getting the xwax development source code. There is lots more documentation and tutorials and the Git website is the best place to start looking.

Getting the xwax source

To make a fresh checkout of all the branches of development held on the xwax site:

$ git clone

This creates a new directory xwax containing the code. For a graphical view of the development you could use gitk, which comes as standard with Git:

$ cd xwax
$ gitk

To pull in the latest changes from the repository:

$ git pull

To see a graphical view of the content of the repository:

$ gitk --all

There's a lot more to Git than this, particularly when it comes to the fact that you can keep your own local development branches (as many as you like) without needing to have commit access to the main repository, and easily share these. Hopefully this will be ideal for your xwax experiments!


The xwax build process is very simple. See the file INSTALL file for instructions.

Getting a branch

Ensure the latest changes are brought into your local repository:

$ cd xwax
$ git fetch

To go to the latest work on the 'test' branch, for example:

$ git checkout origin/test

To list all the current branches:

$ git branch -l -r