Developer tips

Hopefully as this develops, I will have time to update this with some helpful details of understanding the code and structure of the program. In the meantime, it is the less-interesting stuff.

Code style

For the consistency and overall well-being of the project, please make sure any source code submitted is good quality and in the style of that which exists already. Comments, indentation, braces, bracketing, variable and function names should be in the style of the existing code — there is plenty to use for examples. Broadly, the style is that of the Linux Kernel, but with 4-space indentation instead and no tab characters.

xwax is written in C, and the intended compiler is gcc, but xwax is known already to be quite portable to other compilers (notably clang). All source code should compile without any warnings or errors.


Send patches to the mailing list as attachments in unified diff please — try diff -up or use Git. Make sure patches contain only the relevant modifications (not cosmetic code changes, unless that's what it's a patch on) and that it's clear which version of the xwax source you are patching against (preferably the latest in the 'master' branch of the development source).