xwax is an open-source Digital Vinyl System (DVS) for Linux. It allows DJs and turntablists to playback digital audio files (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC and more), controlled using a normal pair of turntables via timecoded vinyls.

It's designed for both beat mixing and scratch mixing. Needle drops, pitch changes, scratching, spinbacks and rewinds are all supported, and feel just like the audio is pressed onto the vinyl itself.

The focus is on an accurate vinyl feel which is efficient, stable and fast.

Latest news

22nd May 2015

A new beta is out for testing. This rounds up a handful of smaller changes and you can help through testing and reporting any problems. Also, if you're a producer or podcaster, check out my new project, Cleanfeed.

9th February 2014

The release of xwax 1.5 adds quick startup times by scanning the music library in the background, and allowing crates to be re-scanned during a session. There's also some performance improvements.

8th June 2013

xwax 1.4 is out. The new features include "software pre-amp" and a fully scalable UI for high resolution displays.

29th November 2012

The release of xwax 1.3, see the release announcement. The most important new feature is the optional navigation of the music library by tempo in BPM. Try bpm-tools for detecting tempo of music tracks.