Archived news

4th June 2016

We've revamped our wiki for documentation and guides written by users; please feel free to contribute your own. The new wiki is hosted on Github and can be edited online or in Git. Thanks to everyone who contributed, especially Louis for porting the content and Mitchell for his hosting of the previous wiki.

22nd May 2015

A new beta is out for testing. This rounds up a handful of smaller changes and you can help through testing and reporting any problems. Also, if you're a producer or podcaster, check out my new project, Cleanfeed.

9th February 2014

The release of xwax 1.5 adds quick startup times by scanning the music library in the background, and allowing crates to be re-scanned during a session. There's also some performance improvements.

8th June 2013

xwax 1.4 is out. The new features include "software pre-amp" and a fully scalable UI for high resolution displays.

29th November 2012

The release of xwax 1.3, see the release announcement. The most important new feature is the optional navigation of the music library by tempo in BPM. Try bpm-tools for detecting tempo of music tracks.

26th March 2012

xwax 1.2 is here! Among other changes, this is the first release with support for a MIDI controller. The Novation Dicer can be used to control cue points in xwax's hybrid absolute/relative design.

30th January 2012

Minor features and updates in the first release of 2012: xwax 1.1

1st August 2011

xwax 1.0 is out. Read the release announcement.

19th April 2011

A new release: xwax 0.9 is out.

31st March 2011

We're gearing up to the next official version with more frequent beta releases. Help contribute with your feedback and bug reports to the mailing list and IRC.

8th November 2010

xwax 0.8 is out, with a new 45 RPM mode.

7th November 2010

Mitchell Smith has launched the xwax Community Wiki.

26th February 2010

The new release is now available. Version 0.7 adds a new music selector, improved sound quality and greater pitch stability over long mixes.

4th September 2009

xwax 0.6 is available for download. This release is the first to include a new music library scanning which is modular and extensible.

3rd July 2009

xwax 0.5 is now available. Highlights include: new timecoder decoder with 4× resolution and MixVibes vinyl decoding, and JACK support.

21st June 2009

We're beta testing for xwax 0.5. Contribute by sending feeback via the mailing list or join other users in #xwax on

8th May 2008

xwax 0.4 has been released, with improvements to the core timecode decoder and playback.

4th December 2007

xwax 0.3 has been released. The new release adds ALSA support, allowing better use of multichannel audio interfaces and lower latency, as well as many other optimisations.

17th October 2007

Thanks to xwax contributors, the most recent ALSA drivers allow Linux to use two more USB DJ audio interfaces — the Rane SL-1, and Stanton ScratchAmp v1.

10th September 2007

Jono has written a guide to xwax on the Rane SL-1 (aka. Serato Scratch Live) interface. This is some of our work in progress, not quite ready for live use just yet. Beta testers welcome!

18th June 2007 is our new home

13th June 2007

The new release of xwax is available. New features include support for Native Instruments' Traktor Scratch timecode vinyls. This release of xwax is the first to be open-source; so you can join the development.

8th May 2007

The first release of xwax is available for download. Read the required hardware or take a listen. Read about plans to open source xwax.